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Our global network of be radical Experts are ready and waiting to share their experiences, learning and practical advice. They work with us across a variety of industries and can provide you with specialized advice specific to your needs.

Whether it be in the form of a day-long challenge workshop, or a series of curated virtual / in-person one-on-one advising sessions, our expert network has walked in your shoes and has the expertise and experience to best support your needs.

They go beyond the talk. So you can go faster.

Aaron Frank

Aaron Frank.

Faculty at Singularity University

Aaron Frank is a researcher, writer, and educator who spent a decade in Silicon Valley at Singularity University where he continues to lecture on the topics of augmented and virtual reality, consumer trends, and the use of virtual and augmented environments. As a writer, his articles have appeared online at Vice, WIRED UK, Forbes, and Venturebeat and as an educator he routinely advises large companies, start ups and governments. He is also an incoming MBA candidate at Oxford's Saïd Business School. // More about Aaron Frank.

Areas of Expertise: AR/VR, Consumer Life, Virtual Environments, Spatial Computing, Remote Collaboration

Andy Billings

Andy Billings.

Head of Profitable Creativity, Electronic Arts

Andy is at that prime, “pay it forward” point in his career; focused on energizing success for other leaders and their teams. As a transformation leader, he draws on his experiences as scientist, management consultant, mentor and twenty years as a Fortune 500 exec in Silicon Valley. He is currently Head of Profitable Creativity for Electronic Arts having helped the company survive two massively disruptive transformations. In addition to product innovation, quality and future planning, Andy hosts an award-winning, global leadership accelerator program with a 20+ year track record. Andy is an active business advisor, board member and change agitator for profit and social purpose organizations. // More about Andy Billings.

Areas of Expertise: Applied Creativity and Real-Life Innovation, Transformational Leadership and Organizational Change, Team Performance and Cross-Functional Collaboration

Carol Reiley

Carol Reiley.

CEO, stealth; Board/Advisor, drive.ai; Founder, Squishybotz

Carol is an industry leader in robotics and AI and was the youngest member on the IEEE Robotics & automation board. She's developed highly regulated products in a variety of different applications such as space (Lockheed Martin), underwater (research) and medical (Intuitive Surgical). She did her graduate work at Johns Hopkins University, co-founded and led company strategy for drive.ai, and most recently founded a health company. She also leads diversity and STEM education initiatives. // More about Carol Reiley.

Areas of Expertise: Robotics, AI, Product, Research, Diversity and Inclusion

Chris Shipley

Chris Shipley.

Managing Partner, Ascent Line Partners

Chris Shipley has documented, influenced, and predicted the impact of technology on business and society for more than 30 years. As a journalist and analyst, her instincts and insights ushered hundreds of market-changing startups to market and spotted disruptive trends long before they became mainstream. // More about Chris Shipley.

Areas of Expertise: Digital Media and Media Business Modeling, Future of Work, Startup Culture and Strategy

Chris Yeh

Chris Yeh.

Co-Founder, Global Scaling Academy

Chris Yeh teaches organizations to leverage hypergrowth. Chris has founded, advised, or invested in over 200 high-tech startups. He is the co-author, along with Reid Hoffman, of ”Blitzscaling: The Lighting-fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies“. Chris holds two degrees from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. // More about Chris Yeh.

Areas of Expertise: Growth/Scaling, Venture Financing, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurial Psychology

Corey Ford

Corey Ford.

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Matter Ventures

Corey Ford is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Matter, a start-up accelerator for entrepreneurs building scalable media ventures that create a more informed, empathetic, and inclusive society. Matter invests seed capital and provides intensive support through a human-centered, prototype-driven start-up accelerator in San Francisco and NYC. // More about Corey Ford.

Areas of Expertise: Venture Design, Design Thinking, Early-Stage Entrepreneurship, Early-Stage Venture Capital, Media, Corporate Innovation

Daniel Holle

Daniel Holle.

Product Manager, Google [X] / Loon

Daniel Holle is Product Manager for Google X Loon, building stratospheric internet balloons. Before Loon he worked on Android, where he launched the Android Auto entertainment system into hundreds of cars globally. Daniel is an entrepreneurial mind, as he founded and helped built various startups, incl. SmartThings (sold to Samsung for 200M USD). He is an advisor to startup and VCs, and an inspirational innovation speaker. Daniel holds a master’s degree in International Management, as well as a PhD in Technology and Innovation Management. He lives in San Francisco, California, and is a great fan of excellent espresso. // More about Daniel Holle.

Areas of Expertise: Smarthome/IoT, Connected Cars, In-Car Entertainment, Mobile/Android/Apps, Stratospheric Balloons, Space Communication, Telecoms, Industrial IoT, Innovative Products, Product/Market-Fit, Leading Teams in Early Product/Project/Company Phases

Dr. David A. Bray

Dr. David A. Bray.

At Atlantic Council, Incubating New Global Center & Senior Fellow, Institute for Human-Machine Cognition

Dr. David Bray has served in a variety of leadership roles in turbulent environments, including bioterrorism preparedness and response from 2000-2005, time on the ground in Afghanistan in 2009, serving as the non-partisan Executive Director for a bipartisan National Commission on R&D, and providing leadership as a non-partisan federal agency Senior Executive. He accepted a leadership role in December 2019 to incubate a new global Center with the Atlantic Council. He also provides strategy to both Boards and start-ups espousing human-centric principles to technology-enabled decision making in complex environments. // More about Dr. David A. Bray.

Areas of Expertise: Data Science, Disruption, Impact, Digital Networks, Disaster Resilience, Security, Leadership, Future Forecasting, Exponential Organizations, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Human Potential, Governance

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt.

Google’s Chief Innovation Evangelist & Adjunct Professor, Stanford University

From building Google’s community of 500+ innovation evangelist to launching Google’s first Innovation Laboratory (CSI:Lab) to teaching classes like “Hacking Your Innovation Mindset” at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (aka: d.school), Frederik believes creativity exists in all of us. Over the span of his experimental career path, he has developed award-winning approaches to innovation culture, creative leadership and future technology that has been used around the world by startups, schools, nonprofits, and governments as well as Fortune 500 companies. He also serves as Innovation Consultant to the United Nations (UN) and is Innovation Coach of the German Soccer Association (DFB). // More about Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt.

Areas of Expertise: Innovation (capacity), Culture (rituals), Creativity (confidence), Inclusion (diversity) and Leadership (future)

Dr. Nithya Ramanathan

Dr. Nithya Ramanathan.

CEO Nexleaf Analytics

Dr. Nithya Ramanathan is CEO of Nexleaf Analytics, which designs and deploys IoT and analytics solutions at scale in the 80 poorest countries in order to maximize the impact of life-saving and climate interventions. She won the 2017 Hedy Lamarr Award for Female Tech Pioneer, and she has presented at Google I/O, the World Economic Forum, SE4All at the United Nations, and the Vatican. // More about Dr. Nithya Ramanathan.

Areas of Expertise: IoT and Analytics Platforms in emerging markets, Information Systems for Global Health

Eli Bressert

Eli Bressert.

Head of Siri Platform Science & Insights, Apple

Eli Bressert is the Head of Siri Platform Science & Insights at Apple. I'm an astrophysicist turned data scientist and have been leading a variety of teams at Stitch Fix, Netflix, Convoy, and Apple in data science, engineering, and infrastructure. Authored the O'Reilly book on scientific Python libraries, mentor at Singularity University and Insight Data Science. // More about Eli Bressert.

Areas of Expertise: Data Science, Engineering, and Infrastructure; Product Innovation & Strategy; Startup Advising; Hiring & Building Teams; Building Tech Brands

Gabriella Levine

Gabriella Levine.

Senior Hardware & Systems Engineer at X (Alphabet)

Gabriella Levine is a creative engineer, bridging the gap between technology, ecology and robotics. Levine has created several open source environmental-sensing robotics startups, and was President of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA), promoting open source accessible technologies. She co-founded Floating Point Collective, a Brooklyn-based design studio, and has been a visiting lecturer at ITP (NYU) and CIID (Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design). Levine has exhibited work internationally, and received the 2012 Prix Ars Electronica Hybrid Arts Award. She was a Fellow on Unreasonable at Sea accelerator, circumnavigating the world by boat. She is currently working on a PhD at the European Graduate School. // More about Gabriella Levine.

Areas of Expertise: Rapid Prototyping, Open Source Hardware, Sketch-to-Scale, Systems Integration, Fabrication & Manufacturing, Audacious Innovation, Robotics & Environmental Sensing

Hod Lipson

Hod Lipson.

Professor of Engineering, Columbia University

Hod Lipson is a Columbia University Professor and co-author of the award winning book “Fabricated” on 3D Printing, and “Driverless” on Autonomous cars. Hod specializes in autonomous systems and machine learning, and his TED Talk on self-aware machines is one of the most viewed presentations on AI and robotics. // More about Hod Lipson.

Areas of Expertise: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Driverless Vehicles, Digital Manufacturing

Ivan Bofarull

Ivan Bofarull.

Chief Innovation Officer at Esade

Ivan Bofarull is the Chief Innovation Officer at Esade, the top-ranked global business school, where he also teaches disruptive innovation in leadership programs for top companies and also startups. His book, “Moonshot Thinking”, which develops a new methodology to go from disruption to opportunity, has been awarded the prize of “best innovation book 2021 in Spanish”, and he has been recently listed by Forbes as one of the most relevant futurists in Spain. Ivan has taught in partnership with Singularity University and has also worked as an advisor for global strategy at Georgetown University in Washington,DC. His own moonshots are his sons Dante and Galileo. // More about Ivan Bofarull.

Areas of Expertise: Disruptive Innovation, Moonshot Thinking, Moonshot Innovation, Business Transformatio, Future of Education

James ‘Jimmy’ Cliff

James ‘Jimmy’ Cliff.

General Manager, Dott

Jimmy Cliff is General Manager for Dott, Europe’s most experienced micro-mobility company. Previously Jimmy was responsible for bringing Mobike’s reinvention of two-wheeled transport as a shared mobility solution from China to Germany, Europe and over 200 cities worldwide. He was Managing Director at KAYAK and has worked across the globe helping companies (Holtzbrinck, ProSiebenSat1, Namecheap) scale and grow internationally. // More about James ‘Jimmy’ Cliff. // More about James ‘Jimmy’ Cliff.

Areas of Expertise: New Mobility; IoT; Digital Transformation; Product Development; Organisational Scaling and Hyper Growth; Internationalisation; Leadership and Strategy Development

Jody Medich

Jody Medich.

Designer, Futurist

Jody creates superhumans, not supercomputers. Rather than teaching humans the right buttons to push, she uses cognitive computing to dramatically extend, augment, and amplify human abilities. Her most notable work includes UX for DARPA’S Big Dog, Principal Experience Designer on Microsoft HoloLens, and HMI for Toyota’s AiCar. // More about Jody Medich.

Areas of Expertise: Design, Product Design, UX, Innovation, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Robotics, AI, Extended Reality (AR/VR/XR)

John O'Duinn

John O'Duinn.

Founder, Author, Mentor, Speaker

John O’Duinn is comfortable in high stress, high ambiguity situations - writing code and leading teams in organizations ranging from four person startups to non-profits to multinationals - including the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House. John’s book “Distributed Teams” distilled lessons from 14 years leading and 27 years working in distributed teams. John also helped write Vermont's “Remote Worker” law. // More about John O'Duinn.

Areas of Expertise: Growing and Leading Distributed Teams, Non-traditional Economic Development, Scaling High-Availability and Hybrid Computer Systems

Lisa Kay Solomon

Lisa Kay Solomon.

Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and Executive Educator; Designer In Residence, Stanford d. School

Lisa Kay Solomon guides leaders of all ages to be more creative, flexible and resilient in the face of increasing complexity and change. Lisa teaches at Stanford’s d. School and Singularity University and co-authored the bestseller, Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations that Accelerate Change, and Design a Better Business: New Tools, Skills and Mindset for Strategy and Innovation. // More about Lisa Kay Solomon.

Areas of Expertise: Leadership, Design, Imaginative Futures

Mary Grove

Mary Grove.

Co-founder, Silicon North Stars

Mary Grove is co-founder of Silicon North Stars, a nonprofit that aims to educate and inspire young Minnesotans toward futures in tech. She previously spent 14 years at Google where she was the founding Director of Google for Entrepreneurs. Mary is an investment partner at Revolution's Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, focused on investing in innovative startups based outside of Silicon Valley. // More about Mary Grove.

Areas of Expertise: Business Development, Partnering with Corporates, Fundraising, Building Teams, Leadership, OKRs and Management

Mike Smith

Mike Smith.

Mike Smith Live

Through his disruptive, nationwide school leadership tours; his internationally recognized non-profits; his honest and challenging book, “Legacy Vs. Likes”; his Find Your Grind career-exposing platform; and other impactful social entrepreneurship endeavors; Mike Smith has been on the frontlines with Gen Z and Millennials every day for the last 10+ years. Now, Mike’s sharing his insights within the corporate landscape to help companies more effectively and authentically market to, connect with, attract, and retain today’s youth. // More about Mike Smith.

Areas of Expertise: Reinvigorating Climate and Culture, Nonprofit Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Youth Engagement, Branding, Marketing, Public Speaking

Nathana Sharma

Nathana Sharma.

Partner, Crypto Lotus; General Counsel, Labelbox

Nathana Sharma is a partner at Crypto Lotus, a digital asset investment fund, general counsel at Labelbox, a venture backed artificial intelligence startup, and is faculty at Singularity University. Nathana was previously a technology transactions associate at Gunderson Dettmer, where she advised high-growth venture capitalist-backed start-ups and venture funds on a range of technology and business issues. She is a JD/MBA graduate of Yale Law School and the Yale School of Management. Nathana was a lead researcher at MetaMed, a venture capitalist-backed medical research start-up and has a background in immunology and neuroscience. She is also a graduate of Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program. // More about Nathana Sharma.

Areas of Expertise: Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, Regulatory Affairs, Law and Governance

Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam.

Co-Chair, Energy and Environment, Singularity University

Ramez is the co-Chair for Energy and Environment at Singularity University. He’s a computer scientist, award-winning author of 5 books, and an angel investor in cleantech startups. Prior to his work in energy, he spent 13 years at Microsoft working on web-scale systems, machine learning, and information retrieval. // More about Ramez Naam.

Areas of Expertise: Energy, AI, Transportation, Experimentation, Bottoms-up Innovation

Ryan Merkley

Ryan Merkley.

Chief of Staff, Wikimedia Foundation

Ryan Merkley is the Chief of Staff at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit behind Wikipedia. Prior to joining the Wikimedia Foundation, Ryan was Chief Executive Officer at Creative Commons (CC) for five years, where he focused on the design and development of CC Search, organizational sustainability, and global community growth. He was COO at the Mozilla Foundation and served as Director of Communications for Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics. As Senior Advisor to former Toronto Mayor David Miller, he led the city’s budget and launched the open data initiative. // More about Ryan Merkley.

Areas of Expertise: Decentralized Networks, Distributed Teams, and Collaboration; Multi-Sector Strategies for Making Change; Strategic Communications and Crisis Comms; Hiring, Developing, and Activating Diverse Global Teams; Partnerships and Negotiation

Samantha Snabes

Samantha Snabes.

Co-founder and Catalyst, re:3D Inc

Samantha is an officer in the Air National Guard and the CEO for re:3D where she works with dirty fingernails facilitating global connections between others printing at the human-scale and/or using recycled materials. A serial entrepreneur, she currently volunteers as the Chair of IEEE Entrepreneurship. Previously, she served as the Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence for NASA HQ and Deputy Strategist supporting the NASA JSC Space Life Sciences Directorate after selling a start-up for a DARPA-funded, co-patented tissue culture device. // More about Samantha Snabes.

Areas of Expertise: Designing Hardware for Commercial Application, Developing Public/Private Partnerships, Supporting Innovation Within the Federal Government, Creatively Bootstrapping a Small Business, Identifying Effective Growth Strategies for Open-Source Technologies and Social Enterprises

Tiffany Vora

Tiffany Vora.

Founder, Bayana Science; Vice Chair, Digital Biology & Medicine, Singularity University

Tiffany Vora is the founder of Bayana Science, a science communication company, as well as Faculty and Vice Chair of Medicine & Digital Biology at Singularity University. Tiffany earned her PhD in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. She previously worked in drug discovery and taught at Stanford University and the American University in Cairo. // More about Tiffany Vora.

Areas of Expertise: Biology, Health/Medicine, Climate Change, Technology, Innovation

Todd Basche

Todd Basche.

CEO at Transformational Products Inc

Todd's background is unique, creating award-winning products in Hardware and Software domains and Enterprise & Consumer markets. A serial entrepreneur & Intrapreneur, his innovative products are used by over 100 million users. Whether creating the iLife suite at Apple or delivering state-of-the-art body cameras & SaaS SW ensuring accountability in public service, Todd sees innovation as a way of life. Holder of 30+ patents. Leading teams to transformational products at Apple, Dell, Sun, Remedy, and Axon, he developed a methodology of intensive VOC and immersion in the Art-of-the-Possible. He teaches companies to create a culture of innovation and mentors at the Stanford GSB Lean LaunchPad program, coaching entrepreneurial teams on how to create breakthrough products. // More about Todd Basche.

Areas of Expertise: Creating Breakthrough Software & Hardware Products, Digital Transformation and XaaS, Product Development, Creating a Culture of Innovation

Tom Chi

Tom Chi.

Founder, Prototype Thinking - (formerly founding team of Google X, and executive at Yahoo)

Tom Chi has pioneered a unique approach to rapid prototyping and leadership that can jumpstart innovative new ideas and move large organizations at unprecedented speeds. He was head of Product Experience at Google X, and currently works to accelerate a future where humanity becomes a net positive to nature. // More about Tom Chi.

Areas of Expertise: Hardware, Software, Rapid Innovation, Ecological Technology, Social Entrepreneurship