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be radical Briefing | January 31st, 2023


Dear Friend,

Four years of research, a good year of writing and editing, and we are finally done! Today we are officially launching Disrupt Disruption – How to Decode the Future, Disrupt Your Industry, and Transform Your Business.

To celebrate the launch, we are making the Kindle version of the book available for only $0.99 – get your copy today!

Read on to learn more about the book and how you can help…

Decode. Disrupt. Transform.

Popular stories about disruption, retold countless times, fail to identify the true underlying forces leading to the demise of former market leaders. When we get the stories wrong, we risk learning the wrong lessons from recent history. We miss critical opportunities to enable real transformation and unlock sustainable relevance for our organizations.

In our book Disrupt Disruption, we call bullsh☠️t on the popular narrative and offer a holistic view of the dynamics of disruption. Drawing on hundreds of exclusive interviews with successful innovators and leaders of incumbent organizations that have weathered paradigm shifts in their industries, we provide a perspective-shifting, practical framework to support a new understanding of disruption.

Disrupt Disruption arms you with battle-tested principles to redefine organizational strategy and personal leadership and seize your preferred future.

We would love your help!

If you are up for it, sharing the book with your network would be fantastic. Whether your preferred tool is LinkedIn, Twitter, or a newsletter, it would be incredibly helpful if you could write a quick post about the book.

Books sell based on reviews and recommendations. Amazon loves reviews. During launch week, we will make the eBook available for $0.99 – to encourage people to buy and (hopefully) like & review the book. If you could please purchase the Kindle version of the book during launch week and leave a review a minimum of 48 hours later — yes, this is an oddly specific number, but Amazon is very fussy about timing — this will make a HUGE difference! 🤗💛

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Radically yours, take good care, friend!

— Pascal, Mafe, Pedro, Vivian, and the three Js (Jane, Jeffrey, and Julian)